HIPPOHYPNOSIS (workshop et individuel, à Berlin), ***english below***


(Claudia &Ysel), Xplore Berlin 2017.

The relationship between humans and horses has a long history of domination and submission, pain and joy, freedom and imprisonment. Horses were used in war, work, as sport machines, for therapy or our own pleasure and free time, sometimes they became real friends and family members.

The way we relate to animals reveals a lot about the relationship to ourselves and to our roots.

If we try to let go of preconceived ideas of the world, of being human or being animal and step beyond our judgements and assumptions, we might enter a state of open perception, of floating, of dreaming.

In most cultures (native americans, mongolians, greeks, celtes etc.) the horse is seen as a link between the invisible world, the world of dreams and trance, inspiration and emotions, and the material, grounded, visible and sensual perceivable world.

With a deep connection to terrestial rythms and movements horses can help us to finding back to our natural grace. It is not about wanting anything or doing some new activity with a horse or ourselves, but about creating a deeper connection between the two and entering another level of communication. With ourselves and the others, animal or human. We can open our senses and emotional perception, stop performing and allowing our minds to become like still water, like a mirrow reflecting what really happens, without listening to the constant chatter of the busy mind.

In a hypnotic trance ritual we will go together on a journey to our ‘inner horse’. With sounds, silence, mouvements, slowness and sensitivity and the presence and interaction of our partner Anik, a so called horse, you can explore how you can communicate and dance with your horse and the herd.

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